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The Divine Anointing Oil Recipe

(Based on biblical instruction)

By Joshua & Janet Mills

Divine Anointing Oil Recipe
Divine Anointing Oil Recipe based on biblical instructions.


A glass container of approximately ½ gallon capacity

A wooden mixing spoon

The Prayer Power album (digital or the physical album)


6 cups — Extra virgin olive oil (Prophetic: Miracle Purity)

¼ cup — Myrrh extract (Prophetic: Miracle Flow)

2 sticks — Cinnamon sticks (Prophetic: Miracle Prayer)

2 tablespoons – Calamus root (Prophetic: Miracle Healing)

¼ cup – Cassia oil (Prophetic: Miracle Unity)

1. Prepare yourself and your surroundings by gathering together all of the necessary

supplies and ingredients from the list above. You can set them nicely on

a table where you will be mixing the anointing oil. You may also want to set a

tablecloth, placemat, or tray underneath your ingredients (since they are oily).

It is also important to set the spiritual atmosphere before you proceed any

further. One of the ways you might consider doing this is by using the Prayer

Power album by Joshua and Janet Mills. This will provide you with more than

seventy minutes of anointed instrumental music and praying in the Spirit. It

can be downloaded or streamed through all the major digital music platforms.

The physical album can also be ordered by visiting:

2. Begin by dedicating the oil to the Lord’s use. Pour the olive oil into a glass

container that is large enough to hold all the ingredients once they are added

together (preferably a container that also has a lid). The olive oil symbolically

represents purity. Ask the Spirit to purify your heart and intentions as you set

yourself apart to prepare the anointing oil. The anointing oil must never be

prepared with selfish motives or ungodly intentions. This divine recipe is holy

and sacred, based on the instructions that were given to Moses by God Himself.

Take time to prayerfully dedicate the oil base and listen to the Spirit’s response.

3. Add the additional ingredients, element by element, following the list above

from top to bottom. With each ingredient, prayerfully add it to the olive oil base

while concentrating on the prophetic meaning. The list above provides a simplified

prophetic definition that can be easily utilized after reading the detailed

description within The Miracle of the Oil book by Joshua Mills.

4. Once all the ingredients have been added together, use the wooden mixing

spoon to stir all the elements while also praying in the Spirit. As you pray, using

your heavenly language, the Spirit may begin revealing fresh revelation to you.

Speak it out, praying specifically over the oil.

5. Remember that this oil can be used to anoint objects that are set apart for the

Lord’s purposes (your home, car, musical instruments, finances, etc.) as well as

for anointing people. You may choose to anoint someone with this oil for healing,

impartation, deliverance, salvation, miracles, etc. Because you’ve dedicated this

anointing oil to the Lord, be sure to only use it as He leads.

Recommended Resources

by Joshua Mills, ISBN 978-1-64123-918-9 (Hardback, 128 pages)

by Joshua & Janet Mills (CD or digital download)

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