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The Word to Activate Angels

Use this online resource along with the practical teaching in Joshua Mills' book 'Moving in Glory Realms' (Chapter 5, Realms of Angelic Presence) to begin activating God's holy Angels in your life.

Click below to download the FREE pdf "The Word to Activate Angels"

Download PDF • 2.16MB

* Learn the Three A's of Angelic Ministry

* The S.I.T. Principle

* Discover the Nature of Angels

Order Joshua Mills' bestselling book 'Moving in Glory Realms' now by clicking here. // or on by clicking here

"Joshua Mills' ministry is so rich, manifesting the power of God's love for people. His life is full of spiritual fruit, and he moves in the realms of God's glory. Signs and wonders follow as he ministers. When I recently had the great honor to work with him, I observed his sensitivity to the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit. I saw firsthand how the Spirit speaks to him and how He is obedient to act on the orders he receives from heaven. This book will be a true blessing to you as you learn to enter more deeply into God's presence." ~ Dr. Mary K. Baxter, Bestselling author, Divine Revelation Series, including A Divine Revelation of Angels.

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