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Miracle Reports

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

"Richard woke up this morning and found a golden crown in his left lower mouth. It wasn't there before!" Gail - Palm Springs, CA

"One couple who were so destitute they were living in a tent were given 2 tickets to the event. They sowed all of the money they had including a collector coin in the offering. The next day someone gave them $100.00 they bought some of the cd’s and books and sowed the rest the last night when Joshua received the offering. Several days later the husband got the “dream” job he has always wanted and one month later their lives are completely financially restored and are living in a house!!! Another couple who were really struggling sowed all they had into the offering and several days later received a check for $19,000 they were not expecting!!! Praise God financial restoration was unleashed!! Thank you both for your powerful words and release of impartation at that event!" S.M. - San Diego, CA "I just had to write to you quickly and share something that just happened to us yesterday. Our recent move was a bit more costly than we had anticipated and my wife and I were going over our finances and found that it was going to be a challenge to put presents under the tree for our kids this year. I got your email about "freedom" and I said to my wife let's sow this $20.13. She immediately said YES! So we did. Within 4 hours sowing that money I got a phone call from one of my youth leaders telling me that the Lord spoke to someone to buy $300.00 worth of Christmas gifts for our family!!! PTL! We have no clue who these people are! My wife and I were blown away! Now we'll have more than enough. Sowing seed really works!" J.M. - Rock Hill, SC "On the Monday after the conference, one of our congregants was at a business meeting in Durban, and at the meeting his colleague was looking downcast. He asked what was wrong, and his colleague said that he had just lost all the information on his laptop. All his business contacts, addresses, bank details, orders, you name it. So it was very very scary for this man. So our congregant (Vic) proceeded to tell him that God was the God of time, and He moved the clock back for Hezekiah, and He can do the same for him. So they prayed together right there for the laptop to go back 10 minutes to when it was working. They then pushed the laptop aside and continued to have their breakfast and coffee. After the breakfast, Vic's colleague opened up his laptop, and miraculously everything was restored back to what it was before it crashed! They were both so delighted they started praising God right there! Thank You Jesus!!! Another testimony for you... While our media guy was editing the video footage of your sermons up in his fairly messy room, he felt God say to stop and clean his room. He then felt God say to bend down right there, so he did, and right on the floor, in his messy bedroom, just at his feet, was a beautiful, perfectly cut gemstone!! A confirmation of what God was doing through the video ministry! He showed it to me and it truly is beautiful. Just absolutely awesome." J.P. - Durban, South Africa

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